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Customer Reviews
“My brows are the one thing on my face that I hated the most without my make up on, they looked weak and thin. I have been using grow up serum since November and I can honestly say I cannot believe the difference in the body and shape of my brows. My sparse hairs have grown giving my brows a fuller & thicker look. I cannot recommend the product highly enough.”
Jen Cusick
"Just looked at my brows in the mirror and the growth is unbelievable in the last few weeks. Honestly, it’s the best serum I’ve used! Also love that it conditions my brows, genuinely think my brows have looked the best they ever have and been getting loads of compliments."
Sa Craig
“My brows don’t ever grow & I’ve never felt the need to use tweezers or actually visit a salon to have my brows waxed. I noticed they started to get thinner so I thought I’d give Grow Up a try. I was amazed to see the growth I had within just two weeks and I even got my brows waxed to give me a nicer shape - I’m delighted with the results”
Jacqueline Millar
"My brows have never been so thick, and I now have regrowth at places where I had no hair previously - amazing!"
Annie Cameron
"I absolutely love the brow serum - I can't believe the difference in just three weeks! Love, love, love this product!"
Lynn Sneddon
"The growth is amazing already - they're so healthy too! I'm so impressed can't wait to see the finished result in five weeks time, game changer!"
Lauren Murdoch
Love, love, love! I’m due a lamination appointment but you’d never know!
Katie Bell
Can’t believe how much my hairs have grown - new hairs appearing all the time!
Linsay Hanna